MyHobbySite installable script

The downloadable version that you can install on your host. It comes with one year of support and upgrade for minor versions


one time payment


We also provide other services to complement your MHS software:

Custom skin

Design of a custom skin to fit your liking. 5 revisions included


per skin

Addon header

Design of a custom header to fit your new skin


per header

Version migration

If you have an old unsupported version of MHS (pre 1.2) and need to migrate your date to the new version


per site

Data import

If you already have your collection in other format (database, text, spreadsheet), it can be imported to MHS


per import source

Script install

If you need help installing the script on your host


per installation


Please use the contact form if you're interested in aquiring any of the products while we prepare our shopping area!