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What's MyHobbySite?

MyHobbySite (MHS) is a Content Management System (CMS) programmed in PHP and tailored specifically for collectors of live music. Like any other CMS, MyHobbySite supports page creation, file management, and dynamic text editing via a WYSIWYG editor. What makes MyHobbySite unique are the collection management features created specifically for collectors and hobbyists.

There are also two modules that come bundled with MHS:

If you want to test MHS. please check our demo link on the menu. Feel free to see if it fits your needs and if you need somethings added, head to our forums and make a request. If there is enough interest from the community, we will add it to the base version of MyHobbySite.

The CMS also supports custom skins/themes so you can tailor it to your taste. Feel free to develop your own or contact us to get a custom skin. Please check the pricing page for more information.

There is also a guide about all the functionalities of MHS on our menu in case you just wish to take a quick look at it or have any doubt on how to use the software.


If you wish to buy the software, please use the contact form !